Save your time on daily meetings

StandupBuddy is a standup bot for Slack.
Designed to automate daily meetings without losing their value.

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Why StandupBuddy?

Easy to set up

You can set up your standup in 4 clicks.
Even with your phone.
Try it by yourself.


Our servers communicate with Slack through encrypted channels.
We store your reports in our secured database only. Even for analytical purposes, we gather only the necessary numbers.

Communicate across time zones

Our solution has even more value for distributed teams. By default, the bot will start the standup in the participant's time zone.

Your data is your data

When the customer uninstalls the application, we automatically delete all his data. Information about users, channels, standups, and reports will be gone.

Let's start

1. Add me to your Slack workspace

I'll ask you for a few permissions I need to see users and public channels.

2. Create a standup

Select the channel to broadcast daily reports to. Select participants. Add me to the channel.

3. Run a standup

You are ready to go.
Now you can start your standup.